Concorra a um CD da Paranoika

Hey Galera,




Pra concorrer a um CD da Paranoika é bem fácil!

1 – Se inscreva no nosso canal

2 – Curta e Comente no vídeoclipe “Vale quanto for” e deixe seu instagram neste comentário para que a gente possa te achar depois.

Pronto, você já está concorrendo!

Fácil não é?! Então, Boa Sorte!


See you!

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kleber sanches

Karla Hill is a summer´s day, but, as The Bard would put it, more lovely and more temperate… I saw her at Santo Rock Bar in the provincial town of Santo André and got deeply impressed (it had only happened to me before when I watched a video of the Scottish Nightingale Elizabeth Fraser…). I went there to jump at the songs by The Smiths played by Marcos Moz; I had an improbable encounter with sheer beauty materialized in the face of Karla… Were I 22 and not 42, and my heart would be in deep trouble… I arrived home, lit a candle to all the goddesses of beauty from all pantheons, read a poem by Keats (La Dame Sans Merci, naturally…) and slept at the sound of Treasure, by Cocteau Twins… Thanks, Karla, for showing me that a woman´s face can be a work of art, and so close to me… However, you still owe me “Just Like Heaven” (suggestive…) and “Policy of Truth”… (you won´t remember me, of course, asking for these songs close to the stage…You had to skip them due to lack of time… Please, compliment the boys for the performance… Hope to see you soon in a gig…By the way, don´t worry, I am too old and nerdy to make your boyfriend or girlfriend jealous… Used to be a more handsome devil; nevertheless, the stiletto of time has marked my forehead with some lines in the last few years… And am a little bit ridiculous too, arriving early and singing at those national rock songs with an English Literature book on my left hand…rsrsrsrsrsrs

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